interface Parsed {
    [NODE_TYPE]: symbol;
    anchor?: undefined;
    comment?: null | string;
    commentBefore?: null | string;
    range: Range;
    source: string;
    spaceBefore?: boolean;
    srcToken?: FlowScalar & {
        type: "alias";
    tag?: string;
    clone(): NodeBase;
    resolve(doc): undefined | Scalar<unknown> | YAMLMap<unknown, unknown> | YAMLSeq<unknown>;
    toJSON(_arg?, ctx?): null | {};
    toString(ctx?, _onComment?, _onChompKeep?): string;



[NODE_TYPE]: symbol
anchor?: undefined
comment?: null | string

A comment on or immediately after this

commentBefore?: null | string

A comment before this

range: Range

The [start, value-end, node-end] character offsets for the part of the source parsed into this node (undefined if not parsed). The value-end and node-end positions are themselves not included in their respective ranges.

source: string
spaceBefore?: boolean

A blank line before this node and its commentBefore

srcToken?: FlowScalar & {
    type: "alias";

The CST token that was composed into this node.

Type declaration

  • type: "alias"
tag?: string

A fully qualified tag, if required


  • Create a copy of this node.

    Returns NodeBase

  • Resolve the value of this alias within doc, finding the last instance of the source anchor before this node.


    Returns undefined | Scalar<unknown> | YAMLMap<unknown, unknown> | YAMLSeq<unknown>

  • Parameters

    • Optional _arg: unknown
    • Optional ctx: ToJSContext

    Returns null | {}

  • Parameters

    • Optional ctx: StringifyContext
    • Optional _onComment: (() => void)
        • (): void
        • Returns void

    • Optional _onChompKeep: (() => void)
        • (): void
        • Returns void

    Returns string

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