Type Parameters

  • T = unknown



  • Type Parameters

    • T = unknown


    • value: T

    Returns Scalar<T>


[NODE_TYPE]: symbol
anchor?: string

An optional anchor on this node. Used by alias nodes.

comment?: null | string

A comment on or immediately after this

commentBefore?: null | string

A comment before this

format?: string

By default (undefined), numbers use decimal notation. The YAML 1.2 core schema only supports 'HEX' and 'OCT'. The YAML 1.1 schema also supports 'BIN' and 'TIME'

minFractionDigits?: number

If value is a number, use this value when stringifying this node.

range?: null | Range

The [start, value-end, node-end] character offsets for the part of the source parsed into this node (undefined if not parsed). The value-end and node-end positions are themselves not included in their respective ranges.

source?: string

Set during parsing to the source string value

spaceBefore?: boolean

A blank line before this node and its commentBefore

srcToken?: yaml.CST.Token

The CST token that was composed into this node.

tag?: string

A fully qualified tag, if required

type?: Type

The scalar style used for the node's string representation

value: T


  • Create a copy of this node.

    Returns NodeBase

  • Parameters

    • Optional arg: any
    • Optional ctx: ToJSContext

    Returns any

  • Returns string

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