• This method is like _.isMatch except that it accepts customizer which is invoked to compare values. If customizer returns undefined comparisons are handled by the method instead. The customizer is invoked with three arguments: (objValue, srcValue, index|key, object, source).


    • object: object

      The object to inspect.

    • source: object

      The object of property values to match.

    • Optional customizer: isMatchWithCustomizer

      The function to customize comparisons.

    Returns boolean

    Returns true if object is a match, else false.


    function isGreeting(value) {
    return /^h(?:i|ello)$/.test(value);

    function customizer(objValue, srcValue) {
    if (isGreeting(objValue) && isGreeting(srcValue)) {
    return true;

    var object = { 'greeting': 'hello' };
    var source = { 'greeting': 'hi' };

    _.isMatchWith(object, source, customizer);
    // => true

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