• Converts the characters "&", "<", ">", '"', "'", and "`" in string to their corresponding HTML entities.

    Note: No other characters are escaped. To escape additional characters use a third-party library like he.

    hough the ">" character is escaped for symmetry, characters like ">" and "/" don’t need escaping in HTML and have no special meaning unless they're part of a tag or unquoted attribute value. See Mathias Bynens’s article (under "semi-related fun fact") for more details.

    Backticks are escaped because in IE < 9, they can break out of attribute values or HTML comments. See #59, #102, #108, and #133 of the HTML5 Security Cheatsheet for more details.

    When working with HTML you should always quote attribute values to reduce XSS vectors.


    • Optional string: string

      The string to escape.

    Returns string

    Returns the escaped string.

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