ToStringOptions: {
    blockQuote?: boolean | "folded" | "literal";
    collectionStyle?: "any" | "block" | "flow";
    commentString?: ((comment) => string);
    defaultKeyType?: Type | null;
    defaultStringType?: Type;
    directives?: boolean | null;
    doubleQuotedAsJSON?: boolean;
    doubleQuotedMinMultiLineLength?: number;
    falseStr?: string;
    flowCollectionPadding?: boolean;
    indent?: number;
    indentSeq?: boolean;
    lineWidth?: number;
    minContentWidth?: number;
    nullStr?: string;
    simpleKeys?: boolean;
    singleQuote?: boolean | null;
    trueStr?: string;
    verifyAliasOrder?: boolean;

Type declaration

  • Optional blockQuote?: boolean | "folded" | "literal"

    Use block quote styles for scalar values where applicable. Set to false to disable block quotes completely.

    Default: true

  • Optional collectionStyle?: "any" | "block" | "flow"

    Enforce 'block' or 'flow' style on maps and sequences. Empty collections will always be stringified as {} or [].

    Default: 'any', allowing each node to set its style separately with its flow: boolean (default false) property.

  • Optional commentString?: ((comment) => string)
      • (comment): string
      • Comment stringifier. Output should be valid for the current schema.

        By default, empty comment lines are left empty, lines consisting of a single space are replaced by #, and all other lines are prefixed with a #.


        • comment: string

        Returns string

  • Optional defaultKeyType?: Type | null

    The default type of string literal used to stringify implicit key values. Output may use other types if required to fully represent the value.

    If null, the value of defaultStringType is used.

    Default: null

  • Optional defaultStringType?: Type

    The default type of string literal used to stringify values in general. Output may use other types if required to fully represent the value.

    Default: 'PLAIN'

  • Optional directives?: boolean | null

    Include directives in the output.

    • If true, at least the document-start marker --- is always included. This does not force the %YAML directive to be included. To do that, set doc.directives.yaml.explicit = true.
    • If false, no directives or marker is ever included. If using the %TAG directive, you are expected to include it manually in the stream before its use.
    • If null, directives and marker may be included if required.

    Default: null

  • Optional doubleQuotedAsJSON?: boolean

    Restrict double-quoted strings to use JSON-compatible syntax.

    Default: false

  • Optional doubleQuotedMinMultiLineLength?: number

    Minimum length for double-quoted strings to use multiple lines to represent the value. Ignored if doubleQuotedAsJSON is set.

    Default: 40

  • Optional falseStr?: string

    String representation for false. With the core schema, use 'false', 'False', or 'FALSE'.

    Default: 'false'

  • Optional flowCollectionPadding?: boolean

    When true, a single space of padding will be added inside the delimiters of non-empty single-line flow collections.

    Default: true

  • Optional indent?: number

    The number of spaces to use when indenting code.

    Default: 2

  • Optional indentSeq?: boolean

    Whether block sequences should be indented.

    Default: true

  • Optional lineWidth?: number

    Maximum line width (set to 0 to disable folding).

    This is a soft limit, as only double-quoted semantics allow for inserting a line break in the middle of a word, as well as being influenced by the minContentWidth option.

    Default: 80

  • Optional minContentWidth?: number

    Minimum line width for highly-indented content (set to 0 to disable).

    Default: 20

  • Optional nullStr?: string

    String representation for null. With the core schema, use 'null', 'Null', 'NULL', '~', or an empty string ''.

    Default: 'null'

  • Optional simpleKeys?: boolean

    Require keys to be scalars and to use implicit rather than explicit notation.

    Default: false

  • Optional singleQuote?: boolean | null

    Use 'single quote' rather than "double quote" where applicable. Set to false to disable single quotes completely.

    Default: null

  • Optional trueStr?: string

    String representation for true. With the core schema, use 'true', 'True', or 'TRUE'.

    Default: 'true'

  • Optional verifyAliasOrder?: boolean

    The anchor used by an alias must be defined before the alias node. As it's possible for the document to be modified manually, the order may be verified during stringification.

    Default: 'true'

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