ToJSOptions: {
    mapAsMap?: boolean;
    maxAliasCount?: number;
    onAnchor?: ((value, count) => void);
    reviver?: Reviver;

Type declaration

  • Optional mapAsMap?: boolean

    Use Map rather than Object to represent mappings.

    Default: false

  • Optional maxAliasCount?: number

    Prevent exponential entity expansion attacks by limiting data aliasing count; set to -1 to disable checks; 0 disallows all alias nodes.

    Default: 100

  • Optional onAnchor?: ((value, count) => void)
      • (value, count): void
      • If defined, called with the resolved value and reference count for each anchor in the document.


        • value: unknown
        • count: number

        Returns void

  • Optional reviver?: Reviver

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